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The Issues Monitor September 2015: New South Wales

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Top issues facing New South Wales

It seems that discussion and focus on federal politics and the Government’s performance has dominated NSW citizen’s focus as third quarter results for our NSW Issues Monitor show little movement from the previous quarter. The top four issues remain relatively unchanged with healthcare remaining in top position (41% – up 1%), housing in second (39%), cost of living in third position (28% – down 1%), and unemployment in fourth (26% – down 2%). Transport was also steady at fifth position (23%).

Outside the top four issues, the other biggest movements in this third quarter were still relatively minor with the proportion nominating the environment as one of the three most important issues facing NSW increasing 3% to 10%, personal debt up 2% to 8%, and poverty down 2% to 8%.

Looking forward, concern over transport will be interesting to monitor over the next 12 months, and beyond, as the Baird Government pushes ahead with some major infrastructure changes to improve transport infrastructure across greater Sydney and the CBD. In particular, it will beinteresting to see if there is any short term negativity from citizens as they begin to feel the effects of changes to CBD bus routes and George St closures in October.

Last updated October 2015