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The Issues Monitor September 2015: National

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Top issues facing Australia

September 2015 was the two year anniversary of the Coalition’s first term. Given this, we felt it sensible to examine how much the top issues facing Australia have changed in the time since Mr Abbott took the keys to the Lodge.

Let’s kick off with Mr Abbott; Australia’s most divisive yet successful Opposition leader turned Prime Minister. Mr Abbott had two years in the top job before being replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. During this time, Australians’ concerns about ‘The Economy’ increased substantially.

On election night September 2013, ‘The Economy’ was the 3rd most important issue facing the nation behind ‘Healthcare’ and ‘Cost of Living’. By the time Mr Abbott was dumped, ‘The Economy’ was easily the top issue facing the nation. In fact, ‘The Economy’ was the top issue for twelve months prior to Mr Abbott’s ousting.

Matters economic are typically seen as a core strength and positive point of difference for the Liberal-National Coalition. This was certainly the case in September 2013 when 41% of Australians selected the Coalition as the political party best placed to manage ‘The Economy’. In September 2015, significantly fewer Australians (32%) selected the Coalition as the party most capable to manage that issue. Interestingly, the proportion of Australians who no longer believed the Coalition was most capable to manage ‘The Economy’ did not transfer their allegiances to the ALP; they selected ‘Don’t Know’.

Confidence in the Coalition’s ability to manage the other top issues facing the nation has also diminished. Specifically, the relative share of Australians who believed the Coalition was the best party to manage ‘Healthcare’, ‘Unemployment’ and ‘Cost of Living’ was significantly lower in September 2015 compared to when elected.

Opportunity favours the brave, as they say. Mr Turnbull has taken the opportunity, and has one year to deliver. One year to augment current perceptions and create a sustainable, positive narrative about Australia’s future.

Last updated November 2015