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The Issues Monitor March 2015: New South Wales

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Top issues facing New South Wales

Interestingly, in the lead up to the 2015 NSW State Election we have seen little in the way of key shifts in NSW citizens perceptions of the most important issues facing the state. In fact NSW citizens began 2015 in a similar mind set to the end of 2014. The shape and order of the top five issues remained unchanged, with healthcare at the top (44% – up 3%), followed by housing (34% – down 2%), cost of living (28%), crime (27% – down 1%), and unemployment (26%). Both the Liberal and Labor parties seem to be aware of citizen concerns in these areas as both have made major policy announcements relating to these key areas during their election campaigns. With the Baird government winning another term it will be interesting to see if their initiatives can alleviate current concerns.

This quarter also saw an increase in concerns about education (after a fall of 3% last quarter), by 3% to 21%. This increase coincides with a renewed media and public focus on the Federal Government’s higher education reform as the bill was again put to parliament in March.

Concern about petrol prices and defence continued to move in the same direction as last quarter. As petrol prices continued to decreased so too did concern about this issue (down 1% to 10%). Whilst, following the Martin Place Siege, terrorist attacks in Europe, and the heavy media coverage of Australians joining ‘terrorist’ organisations overseas, defence continued to increase as an important issue, reaching a new high of 8% (up 1%).

Last updated April 2015