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The Issues Monitor June 2015: Queensland

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Top issues facing Queensland

As a new State Government settles into its first term we can see that Queenslanders are slightly re-shuffling their priorities and concerns. During the last few months of the dying Liberal government, Queenslanders indicated strong concern about unemployment and cost of living. This last quarter shows that Healthcare, a major concern through late 2012 and 2013, has again taken top billing as the issue most worrying the Queensland general population. Leading again for the first time since last year, Healthcare is a concern for 42% of Queenslanders which is quite an increase over the previous quarter, and continues to be of higher concern in Queensland than the rest of Australia. Interestingly, in early June, the Labour Government announced the appointment of Mr Michael Walsh to the position of Director-General for Queensland Health, a man who previously held the position of acting Health Director-General during the disastrous days of the bungled payroll system in March 2010. Whether this has undermined Queenslanders’ confidence in our State’s Healthcare is hard to say, but combined with negative media about the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane as well as the ongoing media attention to healthcare budget cuts at a Federal level, it is not surprising to see this issue come to the fore.

On a positive note, unemployment and cost of living, two major issues in the last days of the previous Government reign, have both decreased in terms of level of concern amongst Queenslanders. The latest consumer sentiment index released in May 2015 shows a strong improvement and the highest level of sentiment since March 2010. This could be connected to employment improvements with the sixth successive month of full-time employment growth reported in April 2015. Perhaps our hip pockets can take a breather for a moment, but everyone take their vitamins this winter season.

Last updated July 2015