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The Issues Monitor June 2015: New South Wales

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Top issues facing New South Wales

In terms of the big issues, the key changes we’ve seen in community concerns in the second quarter of 2015 were in regards to housing and crime, with the former rising sharply and the later decreasing. Whilst the shape and order of the top five issues remains relatively stable, healthcare (40% – down 4%) is now very closely followed by housing (39% – up 7%).

In fact, concern about housing is now at the highest level since we began tracking the top issues facing NSW.

Cost of living (29% – up 1%) remains in third position, followed by unemployment (28% – up 2%) and the new entry into fifth position transport (23% – up 1%). Concern over crime has continued to decrease (22% – down 4%) and as a result, has seen it move out of the top five most important issues facing NSW. Interestingly, concern over crime is now at its lowest level since we began this monitoring of issues.

With regular media discussion of Sydney house prices and on-going speculation about the housing bubble, it is not surprising that the community’s concern about housing in NSW, particularly Sydney, is growing.

The Baird Government’s budget, delivered on 23rd June, included an additional $400 million to be injected into the state’s Housing Acceleration Fund to increase housing supply. It remains to be seen whether this initiative will, as suggested by the Government, address housing affordability and thereby quell community concern about housing.

Last updated July 2015