Our Services

As a business we are structured by geography and research expertise which allows us to build teams best suited to our client’s specific needs. At Ipsos we believe our clients are looking for research partners who are experts in their field and have an in-depth understanding of different sectors. We aim to be leaders in our chosen areas of specialisation. We believe our specialisation model or Worldwide Specialised Business Lines (WSBL) combined with our clients’ deep understanding of their own business makes a powerful combination.

Specialist Expertise

Ipsos Australia aims to be the research leader in its chosen areas of specialisation. We have based our strategy and organisation around World Specialist Business Lines (WSBLS) – Advertising, Marketing, Loyalty, Media and Technology, Social Research and Corporate Reputation and Operations.

Our Products A-Z

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Our Clients

Ipsos has presence in 84 countries, delivers over 70,0000 research projects annually and helps more than 7,000 clients. We are world renowned for our research work for large international clients including FTSE 100 companies, the government and the public sector.

Our clients’ views are invaluable in driving continual improvement at Ipsos Australia. We build open discussion and feedback into all of our research projects. These quotes are taken from Ipsos Australia’s client satisfaction monitor, where clients have given their consent for their comments to be attributed to them.

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