Global @dvisor insights into community attitudes to immigration

Global @dvisor is a 23 country, online, monthly omnibus and public opinion tracking research service, conducted by the Ipsos Social Research Institute through its online panel. A recent Global @dvisor survey asked 17,601 working–age individuals in 23 countries around the globe for their opinions about immigration in their country.

Findings suggest that Australia is relatively divided in its attitudes to immigration. Forty–five percent of Australians surveyed said that they thought immigration has had a generally negative impact on the country, exactly matching the global average. However, just under one in three (31%) said they thought it had a positive impact, placing Australia as the country with the 5th most positive attitude to immigration on this measure, behind India (43% positive), Canada (39% positive) Saudi Arabia (38% positive) and Sweden (37% positive). Australia also exactly matched the global average in agreement with the statement ‘there are too many immigrants in our country’, with just over half (52%) agreeing.

Australians were more likely than other nations to agree that immigration has placed too much pressure on public services in their country, with 64% agreeing, compared to a global average of 51%. Australia was behind only Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and the United States in terms of agreement with this measure. Australians were also well above average in their agreement that priority should be given to immigrants with higher education and qualifications who can fill shortages among certain professions. Almost two-thirds (61%) of Australians agreed with this statement, placing it second only to Canada. The United States was least likely to agree to this statement (33%).It would therefore appear that Australians are seeking an immigration policy that addresses existing skills shortages, and does not place undue pressure on public services.  However, on balance Australians are relatively moderate in their views, and generally see benefit in immigration.

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Julia Knapp
Project Manager