NZ scoops three awards

Early in September, the research industry in New Zealand celebrated research effectiveness at the 2016 RAEAWARDS organised by the New Zealand Research Association. This year’s RAEAWARDS attracted over 60 entries across eleven categories.

The Ipsos team in New Zealand was highly recognised and awarded not one but TWO gold awards and a platinum award as follows:

  • Gold Award: Infotools Sustained Success with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
    Here’s a tip – how research helped shape New Zealanders’ attitudes towards energy.
  • Gold Award: Media and Advertising with NZX Agri
    The Green Grass of a Revitalised Content Strategy.
  • Platinum Award: SSI Consumer Services with ASB
    Using customer feedback to build a better banking experience.

We thank our clients who helped us to jointly win these awards.

ASB   Agri X   EECA

Read the judges citations:

The ASB ‘Voice of the Customer’ programme focuses their whole organisation on what makes them better in the eyes of their customers, in real time. Together with their research partners, Ipsos, they have implemented a robust “Enterprise Feedback Management Platform” upon which they can systematically improve their customer’s experiences and satisfactions. Incorporating a customer experience survey platform matched to an internal staff survey, they have successfully created a closed-loop feedback process, with alerts and escalations, that empowers employees to act swiftly and effectively on customer feedback. The level of staff involvement is most apparent and impressive and this has driven significant improvements in customer experience outcomes, and sentiment. The platform has also created literally thousands of opportunities for demonstrable improvement in customer experience, and as a way for continously testing new solutions in a very targeted and timely manner.

A great piece of pragmatic insight work that underpinned the strategy for NZX Agri, acquired by NZX as a way to promote and inform investment in the primary sector. NZX Agri online required audience profiling and segmentation research to deliver appropriate content and sales strategies. The research embraced the uniqueness of the rural sector, and took the individuality and preferences of a diverse audience into account. The outcome was a customer-centric, needs-based strategy that led to the relaunching of Agri HQ Farmers Weekly websites, plus the creation of Agri HQ subscriptions, all of which has now delivered strong commercial benefits.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority was started in 1992, and in 2009 its role changed substantially when the decision was made to begin the ENERGYWISE brand campaign. In a fine – and very successful – example of a well-crafted and sustained partnership underpinned by trust and a willingness to try new ideas, IPSOS research has informed almost every aspect of EECA’s brand strategy. In turn, it has helped to effect positive societal attitudes and behaviour changes with respect to our every-day energy-efficiency practices. In their submission, IPSOS said: “If research relationships were marriages, EECA and IPSOS would be celebrating their woollen anniversary this year.”