‘MyView’ – Simply Active

As of November 2014, our MyView online research panel has officially exceeded 200k active members.

Currently we are recruiting 9k new members per month for every 2.5k we purge for inactivity. On that basis our longer range population forecast will see us hit 285k members’ mid-way through 2015.

At that point we will be the largest and healthiest research only panel in the Australian marketplace. This is an exciting milestone as it clearly signifies the vibrant health of this important resource, one that has become a central tool in the execution of market, and social opinion research worldwide.

Our panel is ISO26362 accredited, with the above count comprising only active members, which means every member has undertaken at least one research participation within the last 12mths. As soon as this is not the case we remove them from our books.

MyView members are only ever invited to take part in market or social opinion research exercises, they are never marketed to in any way. This is a provision that safeguards against the emergence of professional, overly conditioned and fatigued members across our panel, a fact that has appreciable implications for the validity of the data it generates.

To ensure a good population balance within our panel we recruit online and offline, initiatives to achieve this include:


  • Optimised Google search campaigns
  • Digital display ads across selected websites and apps
  • Social media (facebook and Twitter)
  • Refer a friend initiatives
  • Marketing affiliates who direct new traffic to our site


  • Recruitment over telephone via our I-view CATI interviewers in Australia
  • Face to face recruitment drives at train stations and on-street
  • National TV campaign (launching in Sep 14’)

Finally strict member usage parameters apply, in summary:

  • We will not invite anyone to a research exercise within 3 days of a previous invite.
  • Those who have completed a research exercise of any variety will not be invited to another activity for another 14 days.
  • If a member undertakes an exercise of a certain topic, then we will not send them an invite for a similar topic study for another 30 days.
  • If a member takes part in a repetitive style project such as a tracker, we will not send them an invite to this same study for another 180 days, or half a year.
  • Our members will receive only one invite per study, and a maximum one invite per HH.

All of the above provisions are delivered by our full time MyView panel management and development team. These benefits ensure our clients have access to a first class research recruitment resource, one that provides balanced and representative data for the purposes of cutting edge research and consulting.

For more information contact our I-view Commercial Director – John Leahy at +61 2 9333 6500 or