Logos and Guidelines

This page has been created to provide you the Ipsos logo in PNG (screen usage, transparent background) and EPS (print usage, vector – scalable file) formats, both colour and monochrome and a quick guide on how to use the logo.

For any questions please contact our Australian design department aumarcomms@ipsos.com.

Ipsos Gamechangers logo

The Ipsos Logo

Ipsos adopted this logo in 1999 at the time of its IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the Paris Stock Exchange. We have chosen it for its personality and force.

In order to have the same impact everywhere, each communicating company or entity must conform to a certain standard of presentation. The Ipsos logo has three components, the head icon, the Ipsos word mark and the holding box. No one component may be used in isolation.

The Ipsos logo is to be incorporated on all communications and acts as an endorsement to the Ipsos
identity. It can appear in full colour or in monochrome versions.


For stationery and any two-colour printing, please use the Pantone references. For brochures and advertising, please use the four-colour tints. ALL COLOURS ARE INCLUDED IN THE .EPS FILE.


The monochrome version must be used in black.

Minimum size of the Logo

To ensure legibility at smaller sizes, the minimum width for the logo is 15 mm: this is the size used on business cards.

Examples of use on coloured backgrounds

The logo can be used on coloured backgrounds or photos. Please verify the contrast of the logo. In certain cases it will be necessary to add a white border around the edge.

  1. On light, medium or dark backgrounds: Examples on grey or metallic finish
  2. On blue 2726 or green 326
  3. On full coloured backgrounds: Examples on other colours
  4. On graphic backgrounds: Examples on photos with images or graphic backgrounds

Examples of misuse

Shown below are some examples of misuse of the Ipsos logo and word mark. Showing them helps to reinforce the understanding of the correct way to use the logo and word mark.

It should always be reproduced from the master artwork provided. Please ensure that it is used
correctly at all times.

  1. Do not modify the logo
  2. Do not scale disproportionately
  3. Do not reverse the colours
  4. Please add a white border when it’s necessary
  5. Do not use the logo at less than its minimum size