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Issues Monitor September 2014: New South Wales

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Top issues facing New South Wales

After a number of movements in the previous quarter the third quarter in NSW was very much a case of steady as she goes. All of the top, and in fact, the majority of issues we measure remained relatively steady in relation to the previous quarter.

Healthcare (45%) remains the top issue facing NSW despite the NSW Government’s budget announcement of record health funding. However, given the Medicare co-payment is still being debated and the West African Ebola outbreak threatens to move beyond Africa it was not surprising to see concerns around healthcare remain high.

Healthcare was then followed by a cluster of four issues, cost of living (29%), housing (29%), unemployment (27% – up 2%) and crime (27% – down 2%). The other key movement was in regards to education. After the second quarter’s rise we saw concern about education decrease to (21% – down 3%). This decrease in concern over education is interesting as the recent State budget highlighted that the reduced Federal Government funding would cost NSW $2 billion over the next four years. It seems that in the case of education the decrease in public debate and discussion around university and funds has had more impact than any NSW budget announcements.

Last updated November 2014