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Issues Monitor December 2014: New South Wales

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Top issues facing New South Wales

As we drew a close on 2014, citizens’ perceptions of the top issues facing NSW changed slightly, although the order of the top five issues remained unchanged.

Healthcare (42% – down 3%) remains the top issue, followed by housing (34%) which increased by 5%, making it a clear second place in front of cost of living (28% – down 1%), crime (27%), and unemployment (26% – down 1%). Interestingly the decrease in focus on education continued to fall in the last quarter of 2014; down a further 3% to 18%. As an issue of importance, petrol prices finished 2014 at the lowest level since, which is reflective of the prices citizens were seeing at the pumps as December prices hit a four year low.

The other interesting, but perhaps not surprising movement, given the seemingly ever increasing threat of terrorism, both at home and abroad, was the increase in the proportion of NSW citizens nominating defence (up 4% to 7%) and racism (up 2% to 7%) in the top three issues facing NSW. Both of these issues finished 2014 at the highest levels we have seen since the NSW Issues Monitor began in 2010.

Last updated February 2015