Our Approach

Ipsos UU is all about Bringing Life to life

What does Bringing Life to life mean? It’s all about tapping into consumer’s lives, where they are living them, and then we bring the insights we gather into the boardroom, so that the consumer can live within your organisation.

Life is complex and people gather information that helps them make their choices in a highly fragmented way. So marketers need to work harder to maintain a connection with consumers. We provide that all important link between your organisation and consumers’ lives. We believe that because consumers don’t act in isolation when they make a decision, we should tap into their lives across two dimensions:

Our Approach

So we take this into consideration with our project designs. To understand the holistic human being, we build bricolage approaches … focus groups can discover the rational and emotional answers. Couple this with ethnography, immersions, accompanied shopping and affinity groups in home (or any combination of these), and you have far greater insight into all of the influences on a decision.

More and more our clients are opting for observation type methodologies to recognise the power of not only what is said, but also to gain insight into what is not said.