Welcome to the Life Suite

We have numerous tools, techniques and methodologies within our Life Suite, to harness the power of context and to help us dig deeper and access the gold needed to make good business decisions.

inspiration vision development

Our Life Suite can help you at every step of your product or service life cycle. Whether you are …

At Inspiration Stage

  • Developing a brand and unique positioning in the market
  • Understanding market segments

At Visioning Stage

  • Creating new product or service ideas
  • Crafting concepts

At Development Stage

  • Evaluating your communications
  • Understanding how consumers make choices in store
  • Understanding your customers’ experiences at your various touchpoints …

… we have a perspective and a way to assist you.

This gives you a seamless, end-to-end suite of solutions, aligned with Ipsos quant approaches, backed by strong, proprietary analytical frameworks.

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