Our Inspiration Tools

Not just an interesting name … Censydiam stands for the Centre for Systematic Diagnostics in Marketing. It is bound by rigour in application and is validated across 80 countries around the globe.


Censydiam starts by understanding the human being … not the product, not the brand, but what PEOPLE need from a category. Charles Revson, from Revlon Cosmetics said – “in the factory we make cosmetics… in the store, people buy hope.” They don’t need another lipstick – they buy hope for a more youthful appearance, a hot date, a new job. We look for ‘the hope’ in every project and we use our Compass of Human Motivations to help us frame our client’s category and brands.

This compass provides clarity and direction for brands and their communication, by offering a framework for interpretation of motivations within a category.

To find out more about each of the motivations, please click here.

Use Censydiam for:

  • Brand positioning
  • Category definition
  • Portfolio management
  • Innovation/white space development
  • Communication to target groups