Our unique shopper approach combines tried and tested traditional research methods with the latest technology, to provide actionable solutions to all shopper related business issues. We have a comprehensive range of tailored shopper methodologies, designed to explore:

  • Shopper motivations, attitudes and behaviour
  • The In-store shopping experience, including:
    • Store navigation, layout and signage,  merchandising and shelf design, POS materials, price and promotions and in-store communications
  • The online shopping experience (website evaluation)
  • Response to packaging

At Ipsos UU we view the shopper journey as a holistic and evolving cycle, not just a linear path to purchase. We know that shoppers can be influenced at different points in the cycle and by a number of both rational and emotional drivers along the way.

We use a framework to help guide marketing strategies, which is based around the way consumers shop. We understand that depending on the category, there are two different types of shoppers; the Finders and the Deciders.
FINDERS have a clear underfind decidestanding of what they want and are simply trying to FIND what they have already decided to buy.

DECIDERS are shoppers who use the in-store environment to DECIDE on the brand they want
We have a dedicated shopper team with expertise in all of our specialist shopper research solutions, including:

Shop-alongs and Store Treks to explore the shopper journey

  • Maximising the potential of your brand in store; identification of purchase barriers & activation solutions to overcome these

Pack *Go

  • Evaluation of packaging performance to maximise on-shelf impact & contribution to brand values


  • A focused qualitative  examination of communication material to optimise resonance with the target market and impact on the brand

We use the latest technological approaches to get to the heart of our clients’ shopper issues:


  • A powerful tool for harnessing the power of context. Providing real-time understanding of behaviours and attitudes, reaching shoppers in their natural shopping environment. We use text messaging, social networking (where appropriate) and picture sharing via mobile phone.

Eye tracking (both mobile and fixed)

  • Mobile: Using eye-tracking glasses to identify hot spots on shelf, navigational issues and gain a detailed understanding of in store behaviour
  • Fixed: Using a web cam set up (via computer/monitor) to explore response to merchandising, POS materials, in store communications, websites and pack designs