Communication Evaluation


We can help ensure that the return on your advertising dollar is maximised by providing ways to evaluate creative material from concept stage to finished product. We are able to take these insights into quantitative research in a seamless manner.

We believe that great communications are driven by validated brand outcomes. Superior advertising is based on three performance indicators –  ‘reception’, ‘response’ and ‘retransmission’.

This premise sits at the heart of the tools that we use in UU to evaluate communications:

  • Big Idea

An integrated qual/quant approach to identify the potential of your ideas to engage and connect with consumers and their campaignability.

  • Next *Ad Lab

Next Ad*Lab is a flexible, early-stage quantitative/qualitative tool designed to optimise your ad creative by quickly identifying and diagnosing what is and isn’t working with your advertising.

  • Next *Qual

Qualitative creative development to maximise resonance with the target market and impact on the brand. A focused qualitative examination to optimise final communication material.

  • Next *Ad go

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