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Welcome to Ipsos Understanding Unlimited (UU) – Bringing Life to life

Our Approach

We know that people do not live in isolated bubbles. They are influenced by what happens around them. And so our research designs take this into account.

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Your business issues are varied and so we have designed specialist capabilities around the stages that your products and services might go through. Broadly these will help you with Inspiration,Visioning and Development.

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Our Inspiration Tools

Censydiam is a powerful tool will help you to understand what drives decisions across sectors and brands. It starts with the consumer, not the product, and examines the ecosystems and spaces in which people live and how this relates to your products and brands. We are able to take these insights into quantitative research in a seamless manner.

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Our Visioning Tools

Our workshopping capabilities allow you to generate new ideas, crystalise the insights and benefits that will attract the target consumer and develop well formulated concepts.

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Our Development Tools

Identify the most powerful communication platforms, and the most effective creative material. Discover shopping behaviours and barriers, and optimise value and touch points.

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