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Product & Brand Performance
Generate holistic insights on your product performance, the satisfaction on product feature level as well as purchase barriers and motivations for your brands in the broader category landscape. Identify opportunity zones and un-meet needs that matter in the category and can detect changes in conversational landscape.

Case Study: Pre-Prepared Foods
We tapped into the social data universe to generate fundamental learnings on the product features performance, purchase triggers and barriers with benchmarking to the market leader for a global food brand.


Social Product Echo
Unlock consumer feedback right after market introduction of your product to generate early-stage learnings on product feature performance and purchase motives or barriers. Uncover the usage occasions and the perceived benefits of your product to refine your product development activities and marketing activities based on the consumer’s voice and echo their needs.

Case Study: Pre-Prepared Foods
We audited the in-market performance of a product launch against a proven analytic framework with critical KPI‘s such as relevance and differentiation. We were able to uncover weak spots and improvements for communication.