Ipsos Social Media Exchange

Ipsos SMX pairs advanced technologies with proven frameworks and market research expertise, to connect brands with their consumers’ digital voice. Aggregating data from multiple sources, we deliver a single, coherent story and actionable insights to help build ongoing business knowledge critical to success.

Social Intelligence

Social media data can provide additional side by side research so you can further understand your customers.

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Improve Planning

Complement your brand equity programs with consumer generated brand health analytics to generate dynamic, fast, and contextually rich insights.

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Delight and Inspire

Generate holistic insights on your product performance, the satisfaction on product feature level as well as purchase barriers and motivations for your brands in the broader category landscape.

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Engaging Content

Social media data can provide rich context to understanding what content customers want to hear about by detecting ‘in the moment’ relevant content for your brand.

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Case Study

Turning Social Media Data Into Social Intelligence.

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