Ipsos Reputation Council

The Reputation Council  – capturing an expert view on key trends, issues and events in the wider world

The Reputation Council’s mission is to increase understanding of the issues and challenges facing communicators in the corporate environment, as well as capturing an expert view on key trends, issues and events in the wider world.

Reputation Council members are contacted for a brief (approximately 20 minutes), confidential telephone interview. Topics covered fall into three key areas:

Reputation management trends: this takes the form of tracking questions (questions that will be consistently asked from one survey to another). The focus is on challenges facing  the communication and reputation management function,  reputation and the bottom line and reputation management as an agent for change.

Current/topical issues: Council members are invited to rate or comment on topical events from  a communication/reputation management perspective.  This could include corporate incidents such as corporate  misbehaviour, product recalls or conversely examples of  excellence in reputation management.

Wider social, economic and cultural trends that impact on corporate behaviour and communications. Council members explore communications and reputation  management within the context of broader issues such as the credit crunch, the environment and power of the Web2 world.

Download the latest Reputation Council report

Read the 2014 edition of the Reputation Council report here.