About the Ipsos Reputation Centre

We believe that an organisation’s reputation is its most important intangible asset. Managed effectively, it can increase loyalty, commitment and support from a wide range of stakeholders. A strong reputation creates a positive halo around an organisation – generating a reservoir of good will as well as increasing the effectiveness of its marketing and communication activities.

The Ipsos Reputation Centre helps its clients to identify the issues and actions that build corporate reputation and deliver corporate brand equity. Together with our clients we identify and engage with their key stakeholders including customers and employees as well as influencers such as government and the media – individuals that can impact business performance, license to operate and market competitiveness.

At the heart of our thinking is the view that corporate reputation isn’t just something that you store away for a rainy day. Reputation has present value – it can help you improve your reputation today resulting in reduced headwinds, greater marketing efficiency, and an open dialogue with stakeholders.

It is no longer sufficient for reputation research to be focused exclusively on key influencers or “elite audiences.” Our research shows that a company’s reputation with consumers, customers, and employees has wide ranging impacts on business success. Consumers and other stakeholders have access to more information than ever before and have more tools than ever before to broadcast their opinions. This situation provides companies with both opportunities for business rewards based on having a good reputation as well as additional exposure to reputational risk.

Our research design reflects these basic concepts. In short, it includes indicators which capture the more traditional “save for later” perspective as well as indicators and advanced analytics which ensure that you can impact your reputation today across a variety of stakeholders. We go beyond the traditional approach of “measure and compare” tests. Instead, we measure both risk and impact, exploring the correlation between your reputation and your ability to market to consumers and communicate with stakeholders.

We work with our clients to provide and interpret data that will determine how reputation risk can be minimised, and reputation impact can be maximised.