Tourism, Arts and Leisure


We support these three unique categories with research solutions to help inform evidence-based understandings of issues, planning, policy development and evaluation.

Ipsos SRI’s ‘Tourism, Arts and Leisure’ Portfolio is made up of multi-disciplinary teams expert at understanding the issues and dynamics impacting and driving their specific market sectors.  Our extensive specialised experience within each sector allows us to design approaches to engage and communicate successfully even with the most diverse and hard-to-reach segments of each market, including those with complex or sensitive needs.

Why us?

Our experience, expertise, quality, reputation of our consultants and reporting capacity is second-to-none within the Australian Research Industry. Our comprehension of the discreet, unique features and complexities inherent in communicating with, and understanding these three industry sectors allows us to answer the briefs that others may be less confident with.

Professionalism and Flexibility

We don’t just try to shoe-horn your requirements into some pre-existing off-the-shelf solution.  We propose the most appropriate solution, either packaged or unique, bespoke standalone approaches, mixed research methodologies and combinations of these, designed to arm you with the type of robust and focussed research-based findings and interpretations you seek.  And we operate in the real world, so our recommendations are sensitive at all times to your timing and budgetary needs.

Holistic, 360-degree Perspective

At Ipsos SRI, we engage professionally and respectfully with not just you, our client, but just as critically, with our respondents too.  We strive to minimise the burden of participation, whilst maximising the quality and focus of the output we generate, so that we are communicating findings which allow you to develop actionable, practical solutions.

Spreading the love – real acknowledgement with a practical purpose

Further, we recognise the importance of ‘giving back’ to those contributing to our research and wherever possible, work with you to look at providing appropriate feedback to our research participants.  In addition to providing direct benefit and recognition to participants, this provides PR and credibility benefits both short and longer-term, including contributing towards minimising data gathering costs going forward (with its inherent encouragement of  participation).

The Portfolio in Summary

In summary, the Ipsos SRI Tourism, Arts and Leisure Portfolio exists to offer you the following.

  • Unique, extensive experience in and knowledge of the sectors
  • Specialised, multi-disciplinary teams of research specialists
  • Specialists of the highest quality and ability in research in these sectors
  • The backing of all the resources and extended skill-sets of our operations company, I-view
  • The backing of all the resources and extended skill-sets of Ipsos domestically and internationally.
  • The reputation and standing of Ipsos – one of the most significant research organisations in the world