Public Health


Our research experience in the health sector is second to none.

Ipsos Social Research Institute consultants have conducted numerous projects on diverse topics covering public health interventions and communications, and health system issues.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the Australian health system and of the views of Australians and health professionals on various health issues.  We have considerable expertise in designing and conducting research that recognises the complexities and sensitivities involved in public health research.

What we provide

Ipsos Social Research Institute has extensive expertise in designing, managing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research in the context of public health, including the following.

  • campaign development and evaluation
  • communications strategies
  • attitudinal and behavioural research
  • policy and program development and evaluation
  • monitoring and tracking
  • service quality evaluation
  • research with health professionals
  • stakeholder and community consultation
  • audience segmentation studies
  • literature reviews
  • internet strategy and web development
  • sponsorship evaluation

Experience in public health

Over the years, our consultants have provided research expertise in areas such as:

  • nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention
  • UV exposure and skin cancer
  • illicit drugs and alcohol
  • health effects of stress
  • chronic disease management, including asthma and glaucoma
  • secondary prevention of heart disease
  • cancer screening and prevention
  • tobacco control
  • altruistic health behaviours (donation)
  • health workforce planning
  • health reform
  • patient health resources
  • mental health
  • practices among health professionals


Team members have tertiary qualifications and/or extensive experience in public health research.  Our consultants keep abreast of new developments in public health and social research through conferences, courses, seminars, industry journals, and participation in relevant associations such as the Public Health Association of Australia and the Australian Association of Social Marketers.


Our clients include government departments, NGOs, consumer groups and peak bodies.  These have included: The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, NSW Health, VIC Health, Cancer Institute NSW, Cancer Council NSW, Heart Foundation of Australia, Asthma Foundation NSW, CSIRO, and the Clinical Excellence Commission.