Large and Complex Surveys


Ipsos Social Research Institute has the specialist staff and experience to deliver quality research, no matter how large the sample sizes or how complex the methodologies.

Ipsos Social Research Institute includes researchers whose experience goes beyond the every day conduct of qualitative and quantitative surveys to deliver robust and timely data no matter how challenging the research objectives.

What we do

We combine theoretical knowledge with practical ability to deliver rigorous research design.  On both cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys we can use multiple modes of data collection (including telephone, on-line, face-to-face and postal surveys), with the required expert project and logistical management skills to maximise efficiencies and minimise timescales.

How we do it

We have extensive capability and experience in all aspects of research design including the following.

  • sampling
  • use of control samples
  • longitudinal research
  • questionnaire design
  • interviewer training
  • fieldwork conduct
  • data validation, weighting  and benchmarking
  • statistical analysis and interpretive reporting

This means that we conduct research of the highest quality, which exceeds industry-set standards, with involvement of our specialist researchers at each stage.  We routinely utilise research survey technology including Computer Assisted Personal and Telephone Interviewing (CAPI and CATI).  We also have extensive experience conducting sensitive surveys and maintaining respondent privacy and confidentiality.

Data collection

Using the specialist social research team within our data collection division I-view Social Research, we can deliver fieldwork across Australia, with the resources to reach samples of hundreds of thousands combined with the skills and ability to reach and engage hard-to-reach groups.

We use the best of new technologies to enhance research wherever possible, developing bespoke data collection tools which are supported by robust industry-leading capture and processing platforms.  This includes the use of mobile devices for portability, mapping technologies for data accuracy and tailored ACASI (Audio Computer Assisted Self Interviewing) for respondent engagement.

In consultation with clients, we develop and maintain specific survey protocols beyond the requirements of our ISO 20252 accreditation whilst maintaining the strictest data security protocols at all stages of projects.

Experience without boundaries

We draw on the best that Ipsos has to offer worldwide, including our colleagues in Ipsos Social Research Institute around the world, and the specialist methodologists and statisticians of the Research Methods Centre in the UK.