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MAPS: The road to behaviour change

How does behaviour work? What roads lead to behaviour change? These are recurrent questions among public policy and decision makers seeking effectiveness both in outcomes and cost of interventions and programs. Having the right research at hand is a key step in the process to understanding behaviour in depth and designing effective interventions.

Think MAPS for Motivation, Ability, Physical and Social environment!  In MAPS: The road to behaviour change, Ipsos reviews various areas of behavioural science such as social and cognitive psychology, experimental economics, ethology and neuroscience.

The e-book keeps away from the hype and distortions of the ‘BeSci buzz’ to present the fundamental forces shaping behaviour from the inside and the outside, using case studies of different roads to behaviour change from around the world.

It is also packed with links to videos and resources and PDFs to many research papers across the broad behavioural science spectrum.

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We have also created an introduction to MAPS and the five key personal forces that shape behaviour:


The Ipsos Social Research Institute are leaders in public sector research, helping policy and decision makers understand mindset and change behaviour. We provide robust research and analytics, behavioural review and design, testing and evaluation for interventions and programs that work.

The team in ANZ have expertise in:

  • Large scale complex surveys with innovative information management and distribution tools
  • Other survey research (e.g. identify segments, ascertain beliefs, self-efficacy, perceived social norms, etc.)
  • Ethnographic research
  • In-depth interviews and innovative qualitative research l(e.g. visual mobile anthropology)
  • Passive monitoring and behaviour-focused data analytics (e.g. machine learning algorithms, Bayesian networks for causal analysis, etc.)
  • Behavioural analysis and behaviour change workshops
  • Intervention testing and program evaluation
  • Applied behavioural science and behaviour change training using Ipsos MAPS and 4 i framework

For more information on our research capabilities and experience and to discuss behaviour change, contact:

Sydney: David Elliott    +61 (0)2 9900 5159
Melbourne: Dan Evans    +61 (0)3 9946 0850
Brisbane: Kylie Brosnan    +61 (0)7 3016 7660
Auckland: Nicola Legge    +64 (0)9 538 0551