Ipsos Food Health Report

The annual Ipsos Food Health Report was developed to build a picture of what Australian consumers eat in relation to how they view health and wellbeing. It aims to build a picture of the consumer mindset in each socio-economic segment of attitudes to food and health, and also reveal the food choices people actively make and those they avoid. The report shares some common metrics with the Australian Health Survey (AHS), enabling Ipsos to link insights into mindset around health and attitudes to key health outcomes.

Australians prefer their food to come from natural sources, however are not prepared to forego eating out, take-away and pre-prepared foods/meals from supermarkets, the first Ipsos Food Health report has revealed. The report shows the extent to which provenance and issues related to it, including sustainable use of resources and support for farmers, are important to Australians.

The report also includes a revealing segmentation based on mindset. There are five different typical mindsets with clear differences in attitudes to food and health as well as choices of food and drink, lifestyle and health outcomes. The segments also reveal that convenience drives consumer dinner choices in all segments regardless of their mindset about food and health.

For further information on the Ipsos Food-Health Report, please contact Jessica Elgood on (02) 9900 5100 or jessica.elgood@ipsos.com