New Senior Client Director for NZ

Highly respected market researcher Winifred Henderson joins Ipsos New Zealand in a specially-created role.

16th January 2017

Ipsos today announced the appointment of well-known and highly-regarded industry veteran Winifred Henderson to the specially-created role of Senior Client Director.

Henderson is well-known to market researchers and clients alike. She started as a qualitative researcher for TNS in the 1990s but is best known for her work with Prime Research, which she bought in 2006 and built up to be the country’s largest market research respondent recruitment agency, selling while ‘on top’ in April last year.

Henderson’s appointment comes as current Ipsos NZ Managing Director Diane Dickinson steps down.
Ipsos CEO for Australia-New Zealand Simon Wake explains:

“With Diane’s decision to seek out new challenges we had an opportunity to re-think her role. Diane has been an exceptionally valued and long-serving member of the Ipsos Management Team in Australia & New Zealand. But just as Diane’s true calling is research, Winifred excels in client servicing and business development, and so it made sense to create a new role for Winifred that lets her focus on our clients and market position.”

As well as her work with Prime Research, Henderson is also a Fellow and current Chair of the Research Association of New Zealand, a board member of The Global Research Business Network, and Vice President of the Asia Pacific Research Committee. Since 2008 she has been Judge and Convener of Judges for the industry’s Research Effectiveness Awards. On her new role at Ipsos, she says:

winifred henderson“In my work with Prime and the Research Association I have probably been exposed to more researchers, companies and projects than any normal researcher could ever expect. The team at Ipsos always stood out for their professionalism, intellect and for just being so enjoyable to work with. The attraction of this role was just as much due to the calibre of my new colleagues as to the challenges presented – the best of both worlds”.

Winifred started at Ipsos on January 16 2017.

Contact: Winifred Henderson, Senior Client Director, Ipsos NZ
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