Ipsos UU

Introducing the qualitative specialist arm within Ipsos NZ

What do we do? We do immersive and disruptive qualitative research with real people in real life.

  • What’s immersive qualitative research?
    It’s spending time with real people as they go about their lives to understand where & how brands/products/services fit. It means going on shopping trips, interviewing them at home or at work, using mobile apps so they tell us what they’re doing & why in the moment that they’re doing it. This gives us the context of their lives.
  • What’s disruptive qualitative research?
    It’s taking people out of their comfort zone (including you and us!) to really jolt their thinking. It can be as simple as asking them to do their shopping in a store they don’t usually use or as complex as swapping houses with someone for a day. This helps us understand their motivations, tensions and unmet needs which can be turned into business opportunities.

What makes us different? Hot and Cold thinking. We blend intuitive and in-the-moment interactions (Hot) with rational, rigorous and strategic analysis (Cold) to discover true insights brought to life in activation workshops (Hot) so you feel the research results… and they stick.

Hot & Cold

Why should you care? You have something that you want people to buy, use or pay attention to because they aren’t currently doing so now. You need to know more about what people do and why they’re doing it, so you can influence their behaviours. This is how you build a successful business.

Read more detail about our Hot and Cold tools here.

To contact our Head of UU Louisa Wood.