Beyond the Box
Marketing Interviews

The Beyond the Box video series is a collaborative initiative brought to you by the Marketing Association and Ipsos. This regular interview series asks thought leading practitioners for their candid, and perhaps provocative, views on what they see as the challenges and opportunities facing marketing and marketers today, and tomorrow.

Slade Sherman, Buzz

In this episode Slade Sherman, Head of Digital Strategy at Buzz talks about the future of connected products/the Internet of Things.

Andrew Fraser, Tourism New Zealand

In this episode Andrew Fraser, Director of Marketing at Tourism New Zealand talks about the power of digital marketing and touches on some key components of their digital marketing strategy.

Jen Rolfe, Rainger & Rolfe

In this episode Jen Rolfe, Managing Partner of Rainger & Rolfe offers some helpful insight around how to take more of a partnership approach with your agency.

Ian Sutcliffe, AA Smartfuel

In this episode Ian Sutcliffe, General Manager of AA Smartfuel talks about what drives customer engagement and the role innovation plays in this.

Michael Ramsay, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

In this episode Michael Ramsay, GM of Digital at Fisher & Paykel Appliances explains how marketers can use sensory data from connected smart devices to create a deeper, more intimate connection with customers.

Geoff Cooper, Affinity ID

In this episode Geoff Cooper, Co-founder of Affinity ID talks to the importance of creating a coherent, consistent and relevant experience for your customers and how we manage this in an increasingly omni-channel world.

Carmen Vicelich, Data Insight

In this episode Carmen Vicelich, Managing Director, Data Insight NZ debunks some common myths around the collection and analysis of data and explores how we can best make sense of all the data we have available in this rapidly changing, data-rich environment.

Steve Bayliss, Foodstuffs

In the third edition of Beyond the Box, Group General Manager of Marketing at Foodstuffs; Steve Bayliss talks about contending with disruption, the importance of brand differentiation and getting the basics right.

Mark Jenner, Interbrand NZ

The second Beyond the Box video interviews Mark Jenner, Managing Director at Interbrand NZ about the importance of innovation in brand management.

Gill Whitehead, Channel 4, UK

The first Beyond the Box video interviews Gill Whitehead, Director of Audience Technologies and Insights at Channel 4 (UK) to get insights into their award winning viewer engagement strategy, and find out what she sees ahead for marketers in our digital world!