Ipsos New Zealand

Ipsos New Zealand consists of 35 researchers, analysts and field staff spread across offices in Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua. The business has been operating in New Zealand since 1992, joining the Ipsos group in 2012.

The team has won more Market Research Effectiveness Awards than any other company in New Zealand and works across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Skilled in both qualitative and quantitative techniques, key specialities include:

  • Advanced statistical analytics, data processing and CATI interviewing.
  • Immersive qualitative techniques that bring life to life.
  • Corporate Reputation/Public Sector research.
  • Agribusiness.
  • Aged Care.
  • Financial services.
  • Pharma business.
  • Retail.
  • Telco/Utilities.
  • Media/Advertising.
  • Customer Feedback systems.
  • Branding and customer loyalty.

Learn more about what makes Ipsos New Zealand unique below:

Ipsos UU

Introducing the qualitative specialist arm within Ipsos NZ What do we do? We do immersive and disruptive qualitative research with real people in real life. What’s immersive qualitative research? It’s spending time with real people as they go about their lives to understand where & how brands/products/services fit. It means going on shopping trips, interviewing them […]

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New Senior Client Director for NZ

Highly respected market researcher Winifred Henderson joins Ipsos New Zealand in a specially-created role. 16th January 2017 Ipsos today announced the appointment of well-known and highly-regarded industry veteran Winifred Henderson to the specially-created role of Senior Client Director. Henderson is well-known to market researchers and clients alike. She started as a qualitative researcher for TNS […]

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The Ipsos New Zealand Team

At Ipsos we are proud to have some of New Zealand’s best, award-winning, researchers.

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Ipsos New Zealand Research Awards

Every two years the Research Association hosts the hotly-contested Market Research Effectiveness Awards.

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HealthTracker Online
GP Panel

Launched in 2008 to fill the need for good quality online GP surveying, the HealthTracker online GP panel has been used by many of New Zealand’s largest private and public health sector organisations and pharmaceutical businesses.

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Beyond the Box
Marketing Interviews

The Beyond the Box video series is a collaborative initiative brought to you by the Marketing Association and Ipsos.

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