‘Off the Shelf’ Mind & Mood syndicated reports

We offer syndicated qualitative insights on consumer sentiment, social issues and specific consumer segments through our syndicated social research program.

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In addition to our traditional consumer sentiment reports (conducted twice a year), our main reports will examine aspects of our three key themes: digital, health and people.

Consumer Sentiment: Mind & Mood Released March & September
Consumer sentiment is at the heart of what we do. What matters most to Australians right now? What are they thinking and feeling? What are their worries? What are their aspirations? Find out in our bi-annual consumer sentiment studies.

Digital: How We Watch TV Released May
This report will explore the ‘content’ landscape. Where does free-to-air TV fit in – is it still relevant and for whom? How are consumers using catch-up services? And what about live streaming and downloading content? What are the motivations and needs behind each of these channels? The report will also explore the culture of illegal downloading.

Generation Next_thumbnail
People: Generation Next Released July
Born just before the turn of the millennium and raised in the noughties, this generation of Australians aged between 12 and 16 years represents our nation’s rising generation. The first to be considered ‘digital natives’ they have also been raised in a world facing terrorism and a shaky global economy. This report explores what life is like for this cohort.

Health: Our Health Aspirations Released November
This report explores the trend of aspiring to ‘optimal’ or ‘perfect’ health, rather than the perfect body, and the role of eating regimes, fitness and lifestyle in this emerging trend. How do consumers define ‘optimal’ health? What changes are they making and would else would they like to change?

In addition to our main reports, we’ll also be taking a look at related issues in our Spotlight report series. These reports will provide insights from a directed, deep-dive discussion on specific topics.

Digital: Our Mobile Life
This Spotlight report will look at how smart devices have become deeply embedded into the lives of everyday Australians, with almost every facet of life now mediated through personal screens in some way – including socialising, recording/storing memories, organising their lives, shopping, working, learning, entertaining themselves and monitoring their fitness and health.

People: Generation Next – What Success Means to Us
This Spotlight report will examine what young Australians include in their definition of success. Where does career fit into this generation’s idea of success in life? What about marriage, children and friends? What does success mean to them more broadly, now and when they ‘grow up’?

Health: Coping with Modern Life
According to the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, around 7.3 million Australians aged 16 to 85 will experience a mental health-related condition such as depression, anxiety or a substance related disorder in their lifetime. This Spotlight report will explore changing attitudes to mental health in Australia. Are people putting as much emphasis on their emotional wellbeing as they are on their physical health?