Ad hoc research

Informed by our expertise in social trends and consumer segments, our highly experienced team can also design and conduct ad hoc studies using our unique Mind & Mood methodology and/or other qualitative or quantitative research approaches.

Ipsos-ACCOSS-Report_ThumbnailCommunity Perspectives on Social Inequality (2005-2015)
An Ipsos report commissioned by ACOSS shows that people care about social inequality in Australia. Older people are worrying about the challenges faced by young people in an ultracompetitive jobs and housing market, and there is shared concern about how we will fare, and who will look after us, in our old age.

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Life on Demand
Life on Demand, a white paper prepared by Ipsos for Microsoft, paints a vivid picture of exactly what this new way of living looks like, and also explores what lies ahead to ponder the ways technology will continue to transform our lives.

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Hearts & Minds
An Ipsos Australia report for Screen Australia, explores how and why Australians engage with local screen stories on both television and film. What is the role of local content in the screen diets of Australian viewers? What is its cultural value? What role does it play in the formulation of national identity? And how does it build towards a sense of belonging and participation?

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Future Focus Report

Future Focus Report

Future Focus Report canvasses what both CEOs and the wider Australian population believe will happen to Australia in 2020.

Regardless of whose view of Australia in 2020 prevails, Future Focus is an important report for what it attempts to do: to map the different pathways to Australia’s future. It is hoped that this report will get all Australians thinking and talking now about what lies ahead.

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SBS Immigration Nation

SBS Immigration Nation SBS has a commitment to ‘inspire all Australians to explore and appreciate our multicultural world and contribute to an inclusive society’. Part of the way SBS seeks to do this is ‘to be a catalyst for the nation’s conversations about multiculturalism and social inclusion’. SBS are seeking to extend this commitment into a broader set of public debates to establish SBS as a thought leader on cultural diversity.

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Last Nights Dinner

MLA commissioned The Clever Stuff research agency and The Ipsos Mackay Report to research what people eat for dinner. Over one week in May 2009, The Clever Stuff research and analytics agency asked 1,421 people about the dinner meal they had last night. This sample represents 1,007 meals prepared in the home and 414 meals eaten out of the home.

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