Welcome to The Ipsos Mind & Mood Report – Australia’s social trends hub

The Ipsos Mind & Mood Report is Australia’s longest running qualitative social trends study. For 37 years, the country’s leading organisations have relied on The Ipsos Mind & Mood Report to transform social insights into opportunities, using our unique methodology to capture the values, attitudes and behaviours of Australians.

Our insights into social trends, consumer sentiment and behaviour can be delivered in a number of ways to suit your research needs, through ‘off the shelf’ Mind & Mood Reports, bespoke reports and presentations and ad hoc research.

‘Off the Shelf’ Mind & Mood syndicated reports

We offer syndicated qualitative insights on consumer sentiment, social issues and specific consumer segments through our syndicated social research program.

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Our Unique Approach

"We tackle the hard questions, by not asking any questions at all..." It is based on the classic principles of non-directive research and has three essential features: affinity groups, natural habitat and spontaneous discussion.

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Ad hoc research

Informed by our expertise in social trends and consumer segments, our highly experienced team can also design and conduct ad hoc studies using our unique Mind & Mood methodology and/or other qualitative or quantitative research approaches.

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Meet our team

We travel around Australia speaking to consumers so we can bring their mindsets to you. We believe in a team approach to research, analysis and reporting; Our researchers work collaboratively; we are a team that is diverse in terms of age, experience and style and that is one of our core strengths.

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Bespoke reports and presentations

Tailored reports and presentations can be prepared from consolidated insights drawn from our syndicated report library and other sources.

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