PlsMe - PickMe, Love Me, Share Me

PlsMe! – PickMe, Love Me, Share Me

Want to Know Why Consumers Pick, Love or Share Your Brand?

At Ipsos Media CT, we understand media, content and technology brands inside and out. We know that they behave differently to brands in other sectors and industries. They can form unique relationships and as such develop distinct behaviours and responses from consumers. In order to successfully measure how consumers pick them, love them and share such brands, specific measures have been developed by Ipsos Media CT to capture the audience experience and selection process.

If you want to know about…

  • How compelling your brand is?
  • What the emotional attachment is to your brand or content you provide?
  • What is the potential monetization for your brand or content?
  • How likely will your target audience be to share or talk about your brand or content?

…Then Ipsos Media CT can help you by providing an approach like no other.

The PlsMe! Model provides insight on the main stages of consumer decision making, choice, experience and action. Each level of insight is supported by benchmarks and norms to enable you to compare to competitors in your sector, to enable you to develop actionable strategic plans to optimise your brand or contents performance.

If you would like more information on how to build your brands performance, please contact Kirsten Riolo, Executive Director, MediaCT at