Mobile Solutions

With mobile phones being rarely out of reach and smartphones owned by 6 in 10 Australians[i], this platform now provides the ideal tool for gaining real-time insight at the point of experience, activity, or consumption. It allows us to reach consumers at the exact moment their opinion is formed.

Ipsos Australia has carried out many mobile research projects for our clients, from simple SMS surveys to app-based quantitative and qualitative research.

Some examples of the types of ‘in the moment’ or contextual insights that can be derived from using the mobile platform for research include:

Brand Connection Revealing how consumers interact and respond to brand advertising, word of mouth and other brand touchpoints in ‘real time’
Market Understanding Ability to measure ‘in the moment’ usage across your and competitor products/services
Product Testing Capture feedback during and immediately after usage of products or services and identify feedback on the fragrance, taste or satisfaction of product usage
Shopper Experience Feedback on the shopper experience in the moment
Customer Journey Follow the decision making pathway of the consumer as they navigate a store, website, product/service experience
Employee Feedback Provide staff with an engaging and simple method of providing regular feedback
Media Usage Record how, where and why people consume various media content through passive and active measurement services


The benefits of using this platform include being able to:

  • Reach respondents in the moment of product / service usage or purchase
  • Track respondents when they are on the move
  • Talk to respondents while they are in their natural environment and are not forced to recall their mindset and actions at a later stage
  • Talk to harder to reach groups such as younger age groups
  • Observe contextual information including GPS location, images or video
  • Localise and dispatch surveys when a respondent enters or exits a location
  • Fast response rates as mobile phones are used regularly

For more information on mobile research projects contact:

Kirsten Riolo
Executive Director, Ipsos MediaCT

[i] emma™, January – December 2013, All People 14+