Directors Sentiment Index

The Director Sentiment Index is a study that investigates the attitudes and mood of Australian company directors.

Ipsos MediaCT conducts the Director Sentiment Index survey twice annually on behalf of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. A random sample of 500 company directors, from a variety of industries, are asked about a range of issues concerning their business, government and general economic conditions.

The topics covered include:

– Health of Australian and world economies – current and future
– Current and future business conditions
– Future state of economic indicators
– Government priorities
– Regulation
– Business challenges
– Corporate governance and stakeholder relations

The Director Sentiment Index has been conducted every six months since February 2011. By the end of 2013 we will have concluded six waves of the study, providing valuable insights into how sentiment among directors changes throughout the year and in what ways it is affected by an ever-changing economic climate.

The Index provides the market, the media, government and directors themselves with valuable indicators in relation to optimism, pessimism, current trends and future outlooks.

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