Market Understanding and Measurement

Ipsos Market Understanding and Measurement aims at understanding people, markets and brands to drive business growth.

Our experts help their clients identify business opportunities and innovation platforms, define the best positioning for their brands, allocate their Marketing investments and develop winning strategies at the point of sale. Ipsos is the only global agency with a dedicated practice in this area, under-pinned by a powerful and validated philosophy centered on people and human motivations. Our solutions are based on simplified metrics and always linked to business outcomes, through an extensive usage of workshops and simulations.

We offer a broad range of solutions to address fundamental business questions:


Provides clients with a compass on how they can connect their brands with deeper human motivations. Censydiam uses a variety of approaches, including qualitative, quantitative, workshops or consultancy.


Our Perceptor® range of products is designed to help you meet one of your most important goals: to build market share. Whether helping you to optimize your brand’s positioning or uncovering opportunities for brand extension and new product development, our Perceptor® tools offer a holistic approach to brand research that uses the latest analytical techniques, delivers solutions for the real world, and is backed by our R&D.

Shopper Suite

To ensure your retail strategy is on target, we offer a suite of solutions designed to uncover shopper insights and put them into action. Our Shopper & Retail products will help you manage channels and categories successfully by optimizing store and fixture layouts, displays, assortments, pricing and promotion.

Retail Performance

Through usage of technology, provides retailers with Key Performance Indicators to measure, manage and improve customer volume, sales opportunities, conversion rates, staff stretch, promotional activity and in-store lay-outs.

MMA – Marketing Management Analytics

Helps clients allocate their Marketing investments and build great brands by integrating predictive analytics and consumer insights.

Ipsos Business Consulting

Assists clients globally to enter, evolve and expand, primarily in emerging markets, through fact based market analysis.

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