Innovation and Forecasting

Ipsos InnoQuest is dedicated to helping clients maximize the ROI of their innovation initiatives and build profitable businesses.

From the earliest stages of innovation to brand maturity, our experts provide world-class solutions to help marketers: generate insights and ideas, develop and optimise their mix, and model and forecast sales volumes.

Ipsos InnoQuest is the only global practice on the market that provides a complete end-to-end innovation offer based on a powerful and consistent philosophy, and flexible forecasting models customized for various verticals.

Our recommendations are always linked to financial measures and in-market potential, with scenario-planning simulations and workshops as part of our servicing.

We offer solutions across the innovation cycle:

  • InnoQuest*Insights
  • InnoQuest*Co-Creation
  • InnoQuest*Ideas
  • InnoQuest*Concepts (New Offer)
  • InnoQuest*CPT (New Offer)
  • InnoQuest*Max (New Offer)
  • InnoQuest*Product
  • InnoQuest*Price
  • InnoQuest*Line
  • InnoQuest*Pack
  • InnoQuest*Designor
  • InnoQuest*Tracker
  • InnoQuest*Vantis Concepts
  • InnoQuest*Vantis Optimize
  • InnoQuest*Vantis MVP

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Ipsos Overnight Innovation Testing from Allyson Leavy on Vimeo.