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CharlesCharles Adriaenssens, Head of Financial Services at Loyalty UK, details the main characteristics, sources and key trends of Big Data in his blog Key trends in Big Data and opportunities for the Market Research industry

lukeNet Promoter Score vs. Satisfaction: Linking to Financials by Luke Williams, Head of Research Methods & Head of Consulting Ipsos Loyalty North America

Jon A

Enterprise Feedback Management – Three big changes for big company employees by Jon Atkins, Vice President of Ipsos Loyalty N. America

John C

John Carroll III, our global Head of Clients, simplifies EFM down to an easy explanation in his article; Enterprise Feedback Management All You Need To Know Is In The Name

  • Are Daily Deals Good For Merchants? Published by the Harvard Business School October 25, 2012 — In this article, we evaluate the profitability of daily deals for merchants more thoroughly and in more detail than previous attempts. We developed a model of merchant profits, informed by interviews with a variety of local businesses, that includes not only the effects of voucher purchase and redemption, but also cannibalization and the long-run profit from newly acquired customers.