Ideal Customer Experience

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Map your customer journey and bring the power of Behavioural Economics to your business

Customer demands are growing increasingly complex. Yet, out-dated research techniques are failing to provide the insights and ammunition necessary to truly understand customer needs and pain points that inspire leaders to make meaningful changes in their businesses. Ideal Customer Experience (ICE) is a comprehensive and holistic qualitative approach to customer journey mapping that helps companies go beyond satisfying customers to creating and consistently delivering an ideal customer experience.

Applying leading edge principles and techniques from behavioural economics, ICE provides deep insights into moments of truth and the root causes of customer pain points, allowing rapid action, quick improvement and better performance. ICE uncovers customers’ predictive and normative expectations for each interaction and can guide new experience creation and current experience redesigns. It ensures customer experience tracking systems capture and monitor the right metrics that have the maximum impact on business results and consistent service delivery.

Our clients use ICE to address the following questions:

  • What do we need to do to break the customer experience “flat line”?
  • How we do provide a differentiated experience?
  • Is our quantitative research asking the right questions?
  • How can we bring ‘the customer’ into our quality improvement efforts?
  • What points in the customer experience are the most pivotal?
  • How can we weave our brand images, emotions, and strategy into experiences?

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