Grow Your Share of Wallet

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The Wallet Allocation Optimizer (WAO!) is a new metric developed by Ipsos Loyalty. Using the concept of how customers rank the firms in their usage set, this new approach will provide our clients with the information they need to radically improve their competitive position in the marketplace. More than just a mere measure of customer satisfaction, the Wallet Allocation Optimizer model is strongly linked to share-of-wallet and business results.

Let’s face it, everyone wants their satisfaction numbers to go up, but increasing satisfaction scores are no guarantee of increased share. Our Wallet Allocation Optimizer model is not only the best predictor of customer share, but it will also yield a projected “ROI” on your process improvement efforts. The Ipsos Loyalty Wallet Allocation Optimizer Model will tell you what steps are necessary to achieve market growth.

With WAO! Ipsos Loyalty research provides a metric that truly helps understand and drive business results. Using WAO! immediately delivers a correlation to business results. The best news – you can adopt WAO! without completely overhauling your measurement system. WAO! is easy to integrate into traditional questionnaires and easy to change your current survey to capture competitive ratings for your key metric.

Our WAO! analysis follows a simple 3-Step process that delivers actionable insights to show you how to increase your share-of-wallet. It gives you a validated link with real behaviour so you can focus executive decisions on drivers of share of wallet growth.

Ipsos Loyalty knows how to use customer metrics to drive your gains in market share, and link customer metrics to share of wallet in your business. The answer is Wallet Allocation Optimizer – WAO!

Find out more about Wallet Allocation Optimizer here.