Connect with Customers’ Digital Voices

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Making Sense of Unstructured Data

Ipsos Social Listening connects you with your customers’ Digital Voice. It goes where people go and hears everything they say, turning unstructured online information into knowledge and insight. Integrating your customers’ digital voice can give you a much deeper level of insight into how to optimize customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Around 80% of data now held within companies is in the form of unstructured text documents or records: emails, call center logs, reports, web pages, blogs, SMS and verbatims. We can link web-listening results with customer satisfaction data and information from your databases to identify and investigate key issues, trends, or signs of failure or dissatisfaction with new offers. With web-listening, text, and data mining, Ipsos Loyalty helps you tap into the unstructured data universe to extract and deliver insights that can shape your firm’s strategy across the loyalty mix.

Strategic Planning with Big Data

  • Social Sharing – understand who, what, where, when, why and how people are sharing and talking about your brand, products and services
  • Influence Action – gain valuable advice and solutions from your customers
  • Urgent Alert – highlight warning signs of potential risks before they happen
  • Reactive Check – observe risk mitigation activities and evaluate their effectiveness in real time

With Ipsos Loyalty you can

  • Track the number of mentions about your brand or service on the web
  • Understand how positively or negatively brands are talked about
  • Identify early trends
  • Detect early problems with new offers
  • Get to the specifics of key issues
  • Put customer satisfaction issues in a competitive context
  • Classify all your unstructured data types into a consistent framework for analysis

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