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Welcome to Ipsos Loyalty – Better Experiences, Stronger Relationships

Ipsos Loyalty helps organisations succeed by improving their performance with better customer experiences and stronger, more profitable and more enduring relationships. Our creative solutions offer deeper customer understanding, more robust and actionable performance measurement and greater organisational alignment.

Leading Loyalty Solutions

A unique portfolio of loyalty solutions Ipsos Loyalty has solutions to help your business succeed by understanding your relationship with your existing and potential customers; measuring and managing your performance to increase your share of consumer spending; improving customer experiences; and realigning your organisation to place your customers at the centre.

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Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Partnering with Ipsos for Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), gives you the opportunity to know what your customers are thinking the moment they communicate with you. Ipsos Loyalty puts the world’s best EFM platforms at your fingertips, putting you in touch with the voice of your customer, bringing their concerns front and centre and ensuring you always have the knowledge to improve the customer experience.

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Ideal Customer Experience

Map your customer experience to uncover moments of truth, delight and pain points Every day, decisions are shaped by interactions between people, places and other influences. Ipsos Loyalty is a leader in mapping customer journeys using the principles of applied behavioural economics. In our distinctive maps we uncover experiences and attitudes that shape behaviour and help you improve your customers’ experiences.

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Grow Your Share of Wallet

Leading thinking from Ipsos Loyalty demonstrates your rank matters Ipsos Loyalty has developed an award-winning (NextGen Disruptive Innovation in Market Research Award), ground-breaking concept, profiled in the Harvard Business Review, that ‘rank matters’. To grow your share of wallet, it’s not enough to improve your performance – you need to understand how to improve your rank. Our wallet allocation thinking provides guidance on what you can do to improve your rank.

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Connect with Customers’ Digital Voices

Listen to what your customers are saying in the world. The voice of the customer is coming from everywhere. We listen to what customers are saying on the web, create online communities and social spaces in which to interact and cultivate insights, and analyse unstructured data from surveys and your data warehouse helping you connect better and build loyalty.

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Leadership in Loyalty

The global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research and consulting Ipsos Loyalty advises leading businesses in Australia and around the world. Our global thought leadership, demonstrated through published books, journal articles in leading publications such as the Harvard Business Review and awards supports creative solutions that help our clients attract and retain customers. And with more than 1,000 loyalty specialists in over forty markets, we offer unparalleled scale, coverage and benchmarking in loyalty.

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