Top Three Issues Facing Australia

Ipsos Launches the new Issues Monitor Infographic Series

We recognise how important it is to communicate quantitative research findings in a clear and concise manner, with an emphasis on the most critical aspects. The visualisation of data is becoming an ever more important part of this process.

Data visualisation is the visual communication of information and data generated by different research processes in an understandable, visual and effective manner.

At Ipsos, we have in-house designers whose philosophy is to convey data in a stimulating way. Through various approaches we find the best way to represent data, using colour schemes that convey meaning and elegant design.

Our Ipsos Issues Monitor – an ongoing quantitative survey of Australians about the issues facing the nation, Australian states and territories and Australians’ local areas – is now presented with this philosophy in mind.

The National infographic will be made available on a quarterly basis through our newsletter.  We will also be distributing versions for Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia – showing the top issues facing each state – which will be distributed to current subscribers on a quarterly basis.  To subscribe to a national/state based infographic, please e-mail

Download the infographic