Healthcare Dynamics Model

The integrated multi-stakeholder methodology

As the relative dominance of the prescribing physician wanes and the influence of patients, third-party payers and other HCPs grows, the dynamics of brand choice become ever more complex…

To achieve clarity from this complexity, there is Ipsos’ Healthcare Dynamics Model (HDM) – the only modular, integrated multi-stakeholder buying process methodology.

A deep, holistic view of the market

HDM has 6 key deliverables that provide marketers with a deep, holistic view of the market: transActional mapping; stakeholder variance; market leakage model; time-to-outcome; targeted segment solution; and dynamic patient-flow simulator.

Why the HDM approach?

  • Robust and efficient architecture: our pre-developed framework delivers commercially-meaningful research
  • Richer data than secondary/syndicated: revealing the ‘why’ not just the ‘what’
  • Integrated findings from multiple stakeholders: more accurate understanding of market dynamics
  • Modular & ‘refreshable’ and therefore cost-efficient: ability to add other stakeholders in the future; refresh (not repeat) if market dynamics change
  • Business-oriented comprehensive analysis: leverage point focus yields actionable recommendations

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