Global Oncology Monitor

We Cover Oncology

The Global Oncology Monitor is present in 20+ markets; this includes regional representation in all countries, and coverage of every practice type, small or large, in each region.

We Interpret Oncology

  • Unlimited data potential reveals patient characteristics, diagnosis, site, cell type, stage, metastases, current treatment, previous treatment, oncology adjunct product usage and adverse effects.
  • Extensive applications include identifying potential, sizing the market, tracking progress, benchmarking against competitors, understanding reasons behind success / failure and designing strategy, tactics and materials to help sales forces achieve targets.
  • Unsurpassed flexibility in reporting and service comes from patient segments customised by definition, a user-friendly database, oncology analysts and customized deliverables.

We Project Oncology

Our unique annual market sizing study ensures appropriate sample coverage, and our validated projection methodology is globally applied.

We Innovate in Oncology

In addition to expanding our coverage, we are continually introducing new services, boosting our sample sizes, innovating our data collection and working with new partners. Just contact us to find out what’s new.

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