Qualitative Research

Bringing life to life

As the global healthcare industry changes, as stakeholders grow in number, and as customers’ maps of reality evolve, expert qualitative research has never been more critical…

Ipsos Healthcare’s highly trained global qualitative experts apply deeper, broader expertise across multiple access points – gathering insights from the moments that matter…

Why Ipsos Healthcare Qualitative?

  • Better frameworks & methodologies: a seamless, end-to-end suite of solutions, adapted for healthcare, aligned with quantitative approaches & backed by proprietary analytical frameworks; access to market-leading thinking and techniques from Ipsos Qualitative
  • Better technology: leveraging advanced technology to connect clients to stakeholders’ lives
  • Better analysis: rigorous analysis & interpretation to filter the mass of information and identify objective, actionable, usable insights
  • Better reporting: clear commercial guidance and the ability to engage your key stakeholders

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