Payer Market Access Research

Achieving commercial success in a complex marketplace

The last several years have witnessed the growing influence and importance of payers; these key stakeholders have become an integral part of the attempt to manage rising costs associated with changes in the healthcare marketplace…

Ipsos Healthcare can help you to understand the motivations, influences and behaviour of these key players who increasingly determine your commercial success.

The three cornerstones

Wherever we are in the world, the Ipsos Payer and Market Access Team offers:

  • Access: access and recruitment expertise to find the appropriate respondents for your study’s specific needs; in the US, a proprietary advisory panel comprised of hundreds of payers across multiple channels
  • Understanding: decades of manufacturer, consulting, and agency experience; expertise in multiple therapeutic areas; knowledge to identify the correct stakeholders, the most relevant questions, and how to interpret the responses
  • Customization: a customized and transparent approach based on a deep dive on the molecule, market issues and lifecycle stage; study design always tailored to your specific business issue

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