Oncology Portfolio

Fluency across the product lifecycle

Fluency in oncology is not just about talking the talk; it’s about walking the walk by delivering oncology services, data sources and expertise that encompass our clients’ every need…

In addition to syndicated data from our market-leading Global Oncology Monitor, our 120 oncology experts around the world specialize in pre- and post-launch qualitative and quantitative research, forecasting, data analyses and oncology consulting.

Our fluency in this highly complex disease area ensures that research findings become actionable recommendations.

Delivering an integrated perspective

We know your market, we understand your challenges, and we deploy the right tools and assets for the job.

You can tap into any and all of our oncology portfolio’s resources to answer your business questions – whether it’s conducting primary research through our oncology panel, or using our oncology data to inform your oncology forecasts.

The Oncology Portfolio

Global Oncology Monitor (syndicated oncology data)

  • 20+ countries currently covered (more in active development)
  • The most comprehensive data available
  • Includes biologic markers; treatment algorithms; supportive care; detailed diagnosis
  • Dedicated therapeutic experts, with local knowledge, global understanding and MR expertise
  • Rapid data turnaround, extensive service package and client customization
  • Additional oncology syndicated studies in development

Dedicated Oncology Teams (primary research experts)

  • Dedicated oncology staff conducting ad hoc research
  • Oncology ad hoc expertise across the product life cycle
  • Patient & physician experience
  • Strong qual /quant expertise
  • Experience with all key oncology stakeholders
  • Local presence with global reach

Oncology Forecasting

  • Dedicated oncology forecasting team
  • Experienced in multiple data sources
  • 3-step approach: market sizing; product appeal; usage & financial considerations
  • Transparent process and interactive tool
  • Oncology new indication uptake model
  • Synphany forecasting tool
  • Use of syndicated data for analogs

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